Custom Oligonucleotide Service, Outsorcing Arrangement to Japan

If you are looking for a company to outsource Custom Oligonucleotide, Japanese companies would be strong choices as the contractors. Japanese companies not only have stable technology and quality in Custom Oligonucleotide, but also bring significant cost advantages to your business due to the recent depreciation of the yen.

Based on our extensive business experience in the Custom Oligonucleotide field, we have built trust and networks with many Japanese companies, and can propose the most suitable contractor to your business. We also provide full support for the troublesome communication leading up to the conclusion of the contract.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests.

Which companies use this Custom Oligonucleotide Outsorcing Arrangement Service?

  • Companies that need to outsource manufacturing due to lack of capacity, facilities or experience in the field.
  • Companies that find that Japanese companies offer cost advantages to their business due to the recent depreciation of the Japanese Yen.
  • Companies that are unable to find an optimal contractor in their own country.
  • Companies that find it difficult to select an OEM contractor in the Japanese market due to lack of experiences in the Japanese market or language problem.

Process of arranging manufacturing contractor in Japan

#1 Hearing your requirements

  • First, we carefully confirmed your requirements, such as the specification, amount, delivery date, cost etc.

#2 Listing of candidate companies based on our database

  • We selected several companies that met your requirements by utilizing our extensive proprietary database of information and expertise gained through actual business transactions.

#3 Deciding which companies to proceed to business meetings & negotiations

  • From the list that we proposed, we would have business meetings with the companies that you considered to be the most suitable. We handle the correspondence leading up to the business meetings.
  • Prior to the business meetings, confidentiality agreements will be signed if needed.

#4 Contract & proceed to the project

  • If you are able to find a suitable partner through the discussions with each company, a contract will be signed between your company and the company.
  • Our services are based on the period up to the signing of the contract, but we can also provide support during the period from contract to delivery upon request.

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The above is a rough description of our services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests for further details.