Your Best Partner for Japanese B2B Market Entry

We support marketing activities of overseas B2B companies entering the Japanese market.

Specialized in Japanese B2B Market Entry

We are Japanese digital marketing company specialized in B2B marketing.

It’s difficult to get sufficient results in Japanese market by simply copying & pasting marketing measures that are in place in your market. We are here for helping you find out the best marketing solution to enter our local market.

From strategy creation to plan execution, we are the one stop marketing solution for your business in Japan.

We know how Japanese B2B business work

We can solve your issue because we deeply understand how people make a decision in B2B business scene here in Japan.

One Stop
Market Research


Digital marketing localized for the Japanese B2B business

We have seen many cases where foreign companies have tried to apply the same digital marketing methods they use in their home countries to the Japanese market and most of them end up failing. This is because they ignore the fact that there are specific digital marketing methods for Japanese companies, and this kind of failure does not happen to us, who are well versed in B2B business with Japanese companies.


Digital Marketing isn't always the best solution

Digital marketing is not necessarily the best marketing approach for developing your business in Japan. In some industries, traditional marketing methods are still effective, so we start with a thorough understanding of your business and, based on an accurate assessment of the market situation in Japan, suggest the best marketing strategy.

One Stop

From strategy creation to plan execution

Don't you have enough resources for carrying out marketing in Japan? In that case, we are the solution.

We provide a one-stop marketing service from strategy development to implementation of actual measures. We will support whole your marketing development in Japan as if we were your Japanese branch office built at minimal cost.

Market Research

In the process of considering entering the Japanese market?

If your company is still considering entering the Japanese market, we can make a report on whether it is feasible for your company to enter the Japanese market and, if so, what should be done for penetrating the market.

We can also consult with you on the legal and regulatory aspects of your business expansion in Japan, including obtaining permits.


We can contribute to your business because
we are a marketing company that possesses all three of these elements.

  • Extensive knowledge of digital marketing for B2B businesses
  • Deep understanding of how B2B business works in Japan
  • Abundant experiences of working with overseas clients




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