Digital Marketing

We provide one-stop B2B digital marketing services specialized for Japanese companies, from strategy development to execution.

Issues We Often Hear About

  • Considering entering the Japanese market, but do not have the resources for in-house marketing for the Japanese market.
  • Tried to apply the same marketing methods used in their own country to the Japanese market, but it did not work.
  • In-house sales and PR activities are not yielding results, and are feeling the limitations of their own methods.

We are well versed in local B2B business in Japan and can provide a one-stop service from strategy development to implementation of measures.

What We Can Do

Digital B2B marketing strategy and measure development

We provide comprehensive support from the development of BtoB marketing strategies and measures to the creation of internal systems, vendor selection, and daily PDCA execution.

Execution Digital B2B marketing measure

We will conduct specific marketing operations, improvement measures, and daily effectiveness verification during the implementation phase of measures, in order to contribute to the reduction of your person-hours and costs until marketing results are achieved.

Building a lead nurturing process

We build optimal lead nurturing processes based on our digital B2B marketing methods.

Consulting for service site localization and improvement

After clarifying the personas of your customers in the Japanese market, we will propose a localized service website for Japan. Based on our unique methods, we propose service websites that contribute to lead acquisition.

Our Digital B2B Marketing Features

Thorough understanding

  • Thorough understanding of your Business
  • Thorough understanding of your Customers
  • Thorough understanding of your Competitors

Development and execution of Digital B2B marketing strategies and measures based on our unique methods

Our expertise in both local B2B business in Japan and digital marketing will contribute to the success of your business in Japan.