Offline Marketing

If, as a result of research and analysis, a more effective channel than digital marketing exists, we will use conventional marketing methods.

Decision-making processes in Japanese B2B business are still traditional

We need to note that the decision-making processes in Japanese B2B business are frequently traditional or not logical. That means there are many decision-making processes that are very difficult for foreign companies to get into. For example, in some cases the most influential factor in the adoption of a new product is word of mouth from a company with which they already have a relationship even if their business have nothing to do with that new product. In another case, advertisements in certain industry-specific magazines were unusually influential.

We know how things work here in Japan

We are well versed in those kinds of unique characteristics of the Japanese market that cannot be learned from overseas. That is why we are able to execute and support your entire process in Japan from lead acquisition and nurturing to sales and closing contracts.

Always Start with 3 Thorough understandings

Whatever marketing methods you use, we start with those 3 understanding

  • Thorough understanding of your Business
  • Thorough understanding of your Customers
  • Thorough understanding of your Competitors

Possible Methods on Each Phases

  • Lead Acquisition

    • Networking
    • Placement of advertisements in industry-specific magazines
    • Trade show
    • Seminar
    • Telemarketing (attention)
    • Postal direct mail
    • FAX direct mail
    • CM
  • Lead Nurturing

    • Small Group Study Session
    • White paper
    • Telemarketing (interested customer)
  • Sales, Closing

    • Periodically Visiting
    • Hearing for requirements
    • Negotiation
    • Contract

Development and execution of B2B marketing strategies and measures based on our unique methods

Our expertise in both local B2B business in Japan and marketing will contribute to the success of your business in Japan.