Market Research

We will conduct market research and hypothesis testing for the Japanese market on your behalf

Issues We Often Hear About

  • Considering entering the Japanese market, but not sure if it’s the right market to enter without enough information to make a decision.
  • For internal consideration, want to know approximate budget and what approach to take in order to enter the Japanese market.
  • Want to conduct a test marketing before launching full-scale marketing in Japan.

We conduct market research on various information such as market size, competition, estimated budget, and what method you should use which are necessary at the stage of considering entry into the Japanese market. Starting with an in-depth understanding of your business, we also conduct a test marketing to prove the hypotheses made through the market research.

What We Can Do

Evaluating Market Opportunities

Multifaceted examination of whether the Japanese market is worth entering for your company.

  • Refer to public statistics
  • Interviews with the industry experts
  • Interviews with endusers/customers
  • Questionnaire survey
  • Online Research

Competitive Research

Figure out who the competition is and formulate hypotheses about how to achieve successful results.

  • Research on competitors’ marketing measures
  • Research on competitors’ advertising measures
  • Analysis of competitors’ sales materials
  • Analysis of competitors’ financial results

Test Marketing

Conduct test marketing to verify hypotheses developed through market research. This test marketing will also allow us to understand your customer personas and develop a strategy for the positioning of your company.

  • Interviews with the hypothetical target customers
  • Interviews with the competitors’ customers
  • Develop simple sales materials for pre-marketing
  • Pre-marketing to target customers and get frank feedback

Know how much results you can expect in the Japanese market before you conduct full-scale marketing

We provide tailor-made services to meet your requirements. Let us know what stage you are at and what your issues are.