Who We Are

 We began our business using digital marketing technologies to deal in cutting tools, factory automation equipment, and measuring instruments. Through this business we have deepened our knowledge in the area of digital marketing, especially for B2B business due to the nature of the products we have handled. Using this digital marketing technology specialized for B2B business in Japan, we are now in the business of contributing to the expansion of foreign companies into the Japanese market.

 If you are in the B2B business and considering entering the Japanese market, your best partner is us.

What We Do

 We will contribute greatly to your company’s expansion into the Japanese market by using digital marketing technology for B2B, which is one of our strengths. We can provide a one-stop service that covers everything from market research during the consideration stage of entering the Japanese market, to the development of B2B marketing strategies, the execution of actual marketing measures, and support in complying with laws and regulations necessary for your business in Japan.

Our Credo

Good for the client,
Good for our team,
Good for the society.

We always strive to work in a way that is beneficial not only to our clients and ourselves, but also to all stakeholders, including the society to which we belong.


Name Yakumo Marketing by Yoriyasu Corporation
Tel +81 463-64-2698
Mail info@yakumo-marketing.jp
Sales Rep (Overseas) Sano Taijiro
Location Ozo 976-6-3F, Samukawa-machi, Kouza-gun, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Business Description 1. Marketing for B2B Business
2. Market Research
3. Regulatory Support